Limited warranty does not cover any losses or damages that occur as a result of

  1. Shipping or improper installation or maintenance
  2. Misuse or Neglect
  3. Any cause other than ordinary application
  4. Adjustment by non-authorized source
  5. Repair, modification, or installation of options or parts by anyone other than an Authorized Service Center
  6. Improper environment- Excessive or inadequate heating or air conditioning or electrical powers failures, surges or other irregularities
  7. Fire, flood, earthquake, terrorist attack or other accidents
  8. This limited warranty does not cover any of the product firmware or hardware that you or any third party have modified or altered; customer bear the sole responsibility and liability for any such modification or alteration.

Note:? The “Customer” who purchases and paid for AOC products from AOC’s authorized distributor and is the original end-user purchaser of the AOC products.? The customer must present a valid original invoice. Upon failure to present the invoice, customer must pay for the costs of the services provided.

Limitation of Warranty